Buy Kombucha Tea Making Kit to Live Healthier & Quality Life

Kombucha Tea Making Kit Australia

Ever since the miraculous value of Kombucha has been revealed, it has gained immense recognition among the health conscious people in Australia. It is an easy to make and economical fermented tea beverage prepared with a re-useable kombucha scoby.

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So, buy and bring a kombucha tea making kit and start living a quality and healthy life. Kombucha is a delicious, healthy and fermented tea beverage jammed packed with probiotics, and is being adopted widely by the health conscious people in Australia and world over.


Restore you’re the Microbiome of Your Skin by Using Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

Biome Friendly Skin Care Products

Researches have reported that our bodies are hosts to about more than 3 million microorganisms, including fundi and bacteria. There are a lot of microorganisms that are actually essential to the health of our skin. Science has shown that biome friendly skin care products on the complexion front can help combat everything from acne to rosacea. The proper balance of the good and bad bacteria is also credited with helping heal wounds and protect you from allergens.

One of the major problems is that our modern lifestyle is not quite favorable to these beneficial friendly skin-care products from “Nourish Me Organic”. Everything from using antibiotics to antibacterial cleansers can destroy the balance of your gut bacteria and your sensitive skin can start freaking out when that particularly happen. It is possible to restore the bacteria balance of your skin by adding Biome Friendly Skin Care Products into your daily skincare routine.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist

The formula of this skin care products is based on Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB). It is ultra-sensitive type of bacteria that colonizes the skin of the users if they are not constantly wiping out the good bacteria from their skin by using overzealous sanitation habits and chemical soaps. You can buy Mother Dirt AO+ Mist from Nourish Me Organics at reasonable pricing and quick shipment. The bacteria used in this skin care product are literally incapable of causing any type of infection.

It will help manage bad bacteria and nitric oxide that is an antioxidant and helps calm the skin. If your skin is dry, oily and sensitive then Mother Dirt AO+ Mist is especially great. It can improve skin clarity by 35% and improve the look and feel of dry and uneven skin by 35% in just four weeks. Regular use of this product will also reduce your dependence on products like deodorants and moisturizer.

The Amazing Benefits of Kombucha Tea in Australia

Kombucha Tea Making Kit Australia

It is classified by the experts in Australia as a nonalcoholic beverage or a “functional beverage” with several amazing health benefits. Some of the most intriguing health benefits of this beverage from improving health of the gut to its beneficial probiotics are briefly discussed below.

Improved Digestion

You will Kombucha Tea Making Kit Australia to prepare this fermented drink that is known to improve the digestion of users due to the presence of organic acids, probiotics, and enzymes in this drink. Good gut bacteria present in this drink help deter or provide relief from problems like constipation, diarrhea, and IBS. You will be able to help replenish lost gut bacteria by drinking the fermented drink regularly.


It is believed to aid in natural detoxification due to the presence of bacterial acids and enzymes in this fermented drink. Gluconic acid (present in this fermented drink) blinds to toxins present in the body of the user to help expel them from the body according to scientific evidence. It will also boost the efficiency of the detoxifying tracks of the liver.

Immune System Stimulation

This fermented beverage helps stimulate the immune system of the user due to presence of healthy gut bacteria gained by drinking this beverage regularly.

Cholesterol Reduction

Research carried out in Australia suggests that this fermented beverage may help maintain cholesterol level as well as the blood sugar levels in the body.

Energy Enhancement

This fermented drink contains energizing B vitamins and iron. The oxygen flow will be enhanced due to presence of iron in this probiotic drink that will increase hemoglobin in the blood.

Weight Loss

Obesity and diabetics can result when our healthy microbes are depleted. The antioxidant properties and natural acids properties found in the beverage may promote fat loss. The green tea and black tea varieties of this probiotic drink are particularly effective by combining the antioxidant power of the tea.

Buy Kombucha Online To Improve Your Overall Health in Australia

Buy Fermentation Accessories Australia

Kombucha is a traditional fermented drink made of sugar and black. It contains a variety of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. In addition to this, the kombucha has been prized by traditional cultures for its excellent health-promoting properties. More specifically, this sweetened tea that is fermented with a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria (SCOBY) for becoming a nutrient-rich beverage. 7-12 days are taken for the process of completing the fermentation depending on the strength and the temperature of SCOBY. It specifically consumes over 90% of the sugar during fermentation.

It will result in low-sugar finished products. It is essential to understand that the fermentation process is similar to what would happen in milk/water kefir or sourdough bread. Along with kombucha, you can Buy Fermentation Accessories Australia such as kombucha jar to keep them in secure manner.

Benefits of Kombucha

The kombucha is attributed with several health benefits. The nutrients in the kombucha contains are extremely wonderful at precisely supporting the body of the users in different ways. According to different researches carried out around Australia, it was reported that this ancient health tonic is beneficial for liver detoxification. In addition, it improves pancreas function and increased energy. Better digestion is caused by this probiotic beverage. Other benefits of using this kombucha consist of improved mood, which helps with depression/anxiety. Moreover, it reduce candida (yeast) and helps nutrient assimilation. It also may be beneficial for weight loss.

Improving Digestion

It contains effective enzymes, probiotics, and beneficial acids that are known to improve the overall digestion of the user. The overall health of the gut is also improved due to regular use of this ancient health drink. It also helps keep the gut in balance.

Natural Detoxification and Liver Support

It helps in liver detoxification and also improves the functions of liver due to its high quality in glucaric acid, which aids its natural detoxification. In addition, it will help the body assimilate food more easily. Moreover, it will also provide quick and easy energy without caffeine.

Improve Your Gut & Overall Health with Colostrum Powder

Colostrum Powder

Colostrum is good for maintaining a healthy and functional gastrointestinal track, which is essential for good health of the user in general. Many disorders and diseases are caused and have their origin in the gut of the user. Improving and maintaining good health of the gut of the user is one of the primary functions of colostrum powder, if not the primary function.

The overall health of the gut is mostly ignored by majority of people living in Australia unless they are suffering from GI problems, indigestion or diarrhea. Removing wrinkles or improving our social life is much more interesting for majority of people living in Australia rather than improving the overall health of our gut. Our intestines are said to be in a state of “in balance” when the proportion of beneficial bacteria in our intestines outnumbers the harmful bacteria. Leaky gut syndrome can be caused to the people if they don’t properly look after the GI track.

Colostrum Powder can help for reducing leaky gut damage. In addition, they will repair the intestinal lining. The colostrum helps the users their intestinal function back on track-leading for improving immune function, detoxification, digestion, and detoxification. It will ensure better health in general by using this bovine probiotics powder.

Boost Immune Function

Users will get about 100 times the immune-fighting cells with colostrum that you would from regular cow milk boosting the immune system drastically. It will help your immune system stay at its normal levels to fight off infection and diseases. It can play an important role in intestinal and stomach health. Through in-situ protection, it will protect users from influenza infection that begins in the intestinal track. It provide immune support to help your body against infection resulting in fewer influenza episodes when take consistently.

Athletic Performance

If you are looking to build lean muscle mass, improve performance or recover from training then this bovine-based powder is an ideal supplement for young and performing athletics.

Improve Your Overall Health by Consuming Water Kefir in Australia

Water Kefir

Kefir is a unique combination of yeast and bacteria that exists in a symbiotic relationship. While it is made from the milk of a cow, it can also be prepared from the milk of goats, sheep, and other animals. It can also be made from non-dairy products such as water. Just like natural and light refreshing soda, this probiotic beverage has a wonderful flavor. Primary benefits of consumption of water kefir regularly are briefly discussed in this post.

Excellent Source of vitamins

It is a rich source of vitamin B12, vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6. In addition, it is added with fruit juice that contains an excellent amount of vitamin C and other good nutrients. You should try to consume this non-dairy probiotic beverage as it will do a good job for your health if you need to your nutrient needs.

Good Source of probiotics

Due to the fermentation process of bacteria in yeasts, the water kefir provides clients with a good source of living probiotics.

Acts as antibiotics and anti-fungal properties

Bad environment, pollutions, bad processed foods, and bad lifestyle may cause threat of several individuals in Australia. The non-dairy kefir acts as antibiotic and anti-fungal properties since it is rich in probiotic. It contains beneficial bacteria that fight harmful microorganisms that may efficiently lead to certain diseases. It is being such as good protector for the body of the individual for this reason.

Promotes healthy digestion system

A good nutrients absorption in the gut is provided by the healthy digestion system. It is essential to understand that the digestion system of the individual who works extremely harder for providing the body of the individual best benefits of the nutrients.

Kefir is an excellent source of beneficial probiotics, which have a great role in involving the work of digestion system. In addition, it will help to digest the food, help to clean intestine, and to maintain a healthy digestion system.

If you want to purchase superior grade Water Kefir in Australia, then you should get touch with “Nourish Me Organics”.

How to Prepare Homemade Kombucha Tea with A Few Different Twists in Australia?

Kombucha Recipe Australia

One of the primary health benefits of kombucha is it unique ability to effectively detox the body of the user. This ancient Chinese beverage is rich in many of bacterial colonies and enzymes that reduces the pancreatic load and ease the burden on the liver of the user. In order to detox your body efficiently, you need to drink this probiotics drink regularly. It is now possible to make Kombucha Recipe in Australia with a few different twists. Some of easy to make recipe with kombucha that can be easily made at your home are discussed below.

Ginger lime Kombucha recipe

Making kombucha recipe with ginger produces delicious flavor and fizz. In addition to ginger, you can even add lime, which pairs well with this ancient probiotics drink, through in small amounts.

Instruction to make the recipe

  • Firstly of all, you need to add 5-6 teaspoons green tea and 1.25 cups of evaporated cane juice.
  • After fermentation, you should add fresh squeezed lime juice and add fresh ginger slices.

Kombucha Recipe made with Agave

Agave nectar can be easily substituted for the sugar. When added with the ancient beverage, it turns the Kombucha a bit sourer. For the purpose of kick start the yeast and protect the brew, you can even add a small boost of karo (corn) syrup.

Instruction to prepare the recipe

First of all, you need to add reusable/black tea bag. After that you should add one cup agave nectar or 80: 20 with corn syrup. You should add two cups of mature kombucha.

Power Kombucha Recipe

You can try kombucha recipe for power kombucha if you are looking for an extra energy blast from your homemade kombucha tea.

Method of Preparation

Add 6-8 teaspoons black/green tea blend and then add 1.25 cups evaporated cane juice. After fermentation, you should add one tablespoon maca powder, 2 teaspoon raw cacao powder and finally one teaspoon of bee pollen, which should be lightly crushed.

Where to purchase good quality Kombucha in Australia?

You can purchase finest grade kombucha in Australia online from “Nourish Me Organics” for making different types of Kombucha Recipe in Australia with a different twists.